About Ya Captain

I realized after 2 decades of my life, that i seemed a little different to most other people. I had a really bad problem with authority, that caused me to go through several jobs before i reached my 20's. It also didn't help the fact that i could not concentrate on something i had absolutely no interest in. I have very bad anger problems and also a lot of anxiety about almost everything (including things not going perfect thanks to my perfectionist ways)

newI started doing this Youtube thing as a hobby while i worked with my close friends on the cliffs of Guernsey doing gardening. I've always been a huge gamer and have an absolute addiction to making people laugh. So i carried on doing this for the next 2 years, up until the point i was getting quite a lot of hits on my " Virtual Reality Fall Out Of A Plane" video that i realized had gone viral. When i started realizing how fun it was to make people around the world laugh instead of just in my little island, i started to get a bit of an addiction to creating content, and became a lot more professional hoping one day i could do this for a living.

Last year i suffered from a back injury at work that made 3 of my ribs pop out of my spine, so had to leave my seasonal work on the cliffs. Now at first i was scared on how broke i was going to be and worried i would suffer from this back pain for the rest of my life, lying in my bed like a cripple. Until i realized i now have a LOT of free time to work on the one thing i haven't lost interest in and LOVE!

So there we go pirates! That's how i came to be at where i am now. And it would be my ABSOLUTE dream to be able to do this for a living one day. Iv'e never put this much effort into anything which gives me a lot of hope that i can make this possible and not be like the everyday 9-5 man. The pirate theme of my channel and website represents a FREE MAN! that doesn't abide by the boring rules of modern day corrupt society.

Feel free to contact me about any products you would like me to review