Keep The Ship Sailing

My content will always be free. But Youtubing can be an expensive hobby, and i have to constantly keep up to date with pc parts and new games to keep bringing you videos.

This is made harder by the fact i have no job at the moment thanks to my crippled back.

There are 2 main ways to donate if you would like to support the channel!

You can donate to me directly through This link to my "Donate tab" on my twitch channel which will send the donation to my Paypal.








This is a good site for Youtubers to gain a more stable monthly income, as Youtube money definitely isn't the most stable reliable source.

Here you can donate on a monthly basis. Edit your amount at any time, and also set a limit so you never get charged more than you can afford.



Watch live video from LokeyGamesTwitch on is where i live stream up to 3 times a week and is a place where you can donate to me directly for a one off donation to help out, which also allows you to add a message to me which will show up live on stream. Twitch is a good place to interact with me, as the Youtube comments are getting too much to keep up with now a days.